Therasauna Infrared Sauna

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therasauna infrared sauna

The Therasauna Executive Corner Unit Infrared Sauna

Therasauna Infrared Sauna

As one of the world’s most popular infrared saunas, the TheraSauna Infrared Sauna has provided individuals with spectacular health benefits and a comfortable and relaxing sauna experience.  Whether you are looking for the perfect sauna to put in your home, in your backyard, or even in your company’s exercise room, TheraSauna has impressed a variety of customers all over the world.

Within these saunas you will be able to experience the effect of several different infrared lights hitting different parts of your body rather than just warming the air around you which is what the majority of other (heat source) saunas provide.

Therasauna Low EMF

Another benefit to using a TheraSauna is that there is no Electromagnetic Frequency toxicity which is extremely beneficial because it will not harm the human body and/or skin. This is not the case with all Infrared Saunas, and you should make sure your chosien sauna offers low EMF before you buy.

As a TheraSauna user you will be able to make use of all of the health benefits that are brought forth by the machine.  Not only do the infrared rays reach your bone and muscles in order to soothe any aching but they are also known to expand the blood vessels and the capillaries in the body.  Expanding both the blood vessels and the capillaries helps to improve your blood circulation and blood flow.  It also has the capabilities of increasing the metabolism of users which will inevitably lead into the loss of weight.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

The specs of the TheraSauna Rangeare extremely superb and they have implemented a range of technologies into their saunas.  With the use

Therasauna infrared sauna

The Therasauna Face To Face Infrared Sauna

of Thermamitters, the body will become heated rather than the air within the sauna.  These heating units are constructed out of both ceramic and carbon to give the benefits of both infrared sources.

The wires are deep stored to keep the EMF emissions at an extremely low level.  Another way that TheraSauna units protect individuals from EMF emissions is by specializing the components within the unit.  The control pads, heating units and timing clock all help to reduce the EMF in the area.

Therasauna Infrared Sauna Reviews

As per customer reviews, the TheraSauna provides health to its users and it helps individuals to lose weight.  With the ability to shed all of those extra pounds that you have wanted to get rid of and to maintain a healthy lifestyle, implementing one of these units into your daily regime can prove to be exponentially beneficial.  As one of the best saunas available on the worldwide market and with the copious amount of benefits, there will be absolutely no detrimental factors to owning your own TheraSauna.

therasauna infrared sauna

The Therasauna “Dual”

Therasauna Range and Features

The range includes 2,3 and 4 person units as well as an amazing “executive” corner unit, all at affordable prices. All Therasauna units plug directly into a 120V/20amp source and offer unbeatable design features as well as non toxic, non allegernic wood in the construction.

Their unique Theramitter technology ensures the infrared heat is kept at the optimum level and that the heat gets straight to where your body needs it most. They are easy to assemble and have easy to use “soft touch” controls. They also benefit from curved back rests so you will be comfortable while you gain the amazing health benefits regular infrared sauna sessions in your own home will undoubtedly bring you.

Click on any of the links or images to check out prices and availability of Therasauna Infraed Sauna in your area, a home Infrared Sauna can provide outstanding long-term savings on regular infrared sauna sessions.



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